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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Year is Upon Us

2011 is here.
Just look at the numbers to the left. We have passed the year of the Space Odyssey and its sequel. We have survived Y2K. The next important date besides January 17th (which is my birthday) is May 21, 2011....Judgement Day, The Rapture, the second coming of Jesus Christ then followed by October 21, 2001..The End of Days: The World will end. Harold Camping has calculated this date based on dates and special events noted in the Bible. A number of groups have taken hold of this information and are promoting it world-wide. Even Pat Robertson (and its on the internet) indicated that God shared with him that there would be a reckoning in 2 years.
There have been bold predictions before..and those days have passed. Could there be some truth to these dates noted by this group of people? Don't know, could be...we'll see. If it is true, I hope that I will be ready..if not, perhaps this information will help me become a stronger Christian and believer. If it comes. I had a former boss who truly believed that the end of days would come in our lifetime. According to the scriptures "no man knoweth the day or the hour, not the Angels, not the Son, but only the Father." I am good with that as well. Perhaps the calculation is based on a prophecy of FIRST CONTACT.

If you are not familiar with this prediction of May 21, 2011 you may want to look over their website. Its some very interesting reading and possibly study.

For those who do not follow me on Facebook or missed some of my recent postings. I thought I would repeat those here on the blog.
If you are on Facebook and have not friended me...please send me your friend request. I enjoy many new friends and associations that have come my way on that medium. Have found many old childhood friends and classmates and have enjoyed getting to see their children as well.

I enjoy Fresh Bread. During that past two years I have spent extra time at the Supermarket squeezing bread trying to find the freshest loaf. At the local Publix in Cool Springs..this has been hard to do. Many of my Facebook friends or even on the blog know of this frustration. Recently with the help of the Internet, I discovered that there was a way to find the freshest bread and the key was the twisty tie on the package. It's color coded based on the day the bread was delivered. For Your Information here is the code: Monday is blue, Tuesday is Green, No delivery on Wed. Thursday is red, Friday is White, and Saturday is yellow. This past Saturday in anticipation of the Snow, I went to Publix and tried to find the freshest bread using the color coding. I found a Blue ty which meant it had been there since Monday and a Red ty which meant Thursday. This bread was still priced at the regular reduction for old bread. The brands that I was searching was Mary Jane, Colonial and Sunbeam. Finally I found a yellow twisty ty on Bunny Bread...and boy was it Fresh! I was very pleased with my efforts and proud that I went to the store that day for Patricia. (We'll talk more later in this edition about paying for substandard product) Hope you will use this information to your advantage and share it with your friends and family.

On Facebook I am a member of a Group named TNN Refugees (The Nashville Network) These are people who formerly worked with the Network, Opryland Productions, WSM-TV, and WSM Radio and some other corporately related entities. While I did not work there, I did know many of these people. My dad was a Senior Producer-Director with the Network and had been with this entity since the 1950's when it was all apart of the National Life and Accident Insurance Company. We all know what happened in 1997 and in 98. December 31st was the last day of Opryland and in the same year or the next year Gaylord sold its interest in TNN and that was the beginning of the end of the Opryland Saga.

Most people in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area felt the loss and many felt it was a bad mistake which I share the same sentiment. The Theme Park was profitable but the Suits felt that they could get a better return. The Nashville Network had some valuable assets...most notably where it appeared on most cable systems which led to its sale and eventual demise.

As a candidate for Governor, I did not forget what happened here. (Mayor Karl Dean should recognize the mistakes with sale and closing of Opryland and TNN and see how that would related with closing of the TN. State Fairgrounds) I had an overall plan which tied in the Tourism business, jobs, corporate relocations and Opryland figured into that plan. I stated publicly in several forums and appearances that one of the first calls that I will make as Governor would be to Gaylord. I wanted to find out what it would take, who we would need, and what assets we could offer to build that business model once again with some additional enhancements.

I felt that the Gaylord suits or whomever had a voice in those decisions did not see the bigger pictures. They had solid assets. In their mind, break it up and sell it off and rebuild onsite a different venture. Lets see...They had a profitable Theme Park, a Convention Hotel, a National Cable Network, The Opry House, a Riverboat....with all of these assets, what if they had built a mall to go with it. It seems that the assets could build off each other. I still think that can work. As Governor, I might have had some clout to plant some seeds. Today as a private citizen, I don't think I could get the time of day from them.

Have you ever gone thru a drive in window to get a meal? You ordered a large french fry and the container is only half full or you ordered your burger a certain way and after you drove off you found it was done completely different...and you didn't go back. You ordered a specific product and it wasn't complete? Someone agreed to provide a service for you and didn't complete it. Did you address the matter with the person or company or did you just let it go? If people let everything go and do nothing and just live with it...then problems will continue for others. Our value for our precious dollars should be kept in high standards and we should not accept mediocrity. This can be applied to many applications in life. Stand up and set the record straight. We should expect better and higher standards than what we get at times.

Even with reforms in place, credit cards are still charging high interest rates and fees. People are defaulting on their credit cards as not being able to reduce their outstanding balances partially due to the high interest rates and fees. If credit card companies lowered their interest rates perhaps people would be able to reduce their outstanding balances. This is revolving credit pay down your balance and you have room to use it again. It would seem to help our economy for this to happen but yet the government and the Banks are not interested in making this a reality. In my research Capital One still offers lower rates than most cards..perhaps more should follow their lead. What happens when gas prices go up...consumption goes down..prices go down and consumption goes up. People make more plans when gas prices are down..another good step for our economy. If the price of beef is down will you buy more beef? Will you buy something else as well? Many of you know how I feel about Credit Card companies and credit scores...just another reason.

There is a specific prescription that is available for men and is optional and used as needed (as I have been told). Most insurance companies do not cover the cost and its totally out of pocket. It is expensive. If they lowered the price of the prescription to make it more affordable, the consumer would probably purchase more than normal. Their profits per pill may be lower but they should make up for it and more by lowering the price. WalMart has mastered this concept and is working mightily for them.

Saturday Bill Haslam will take the oath of office as our next Governor of Tennessee. He is a good man. I got to know him on the campaign trail and I pray that he will lead us into good a True Statesman and Good Steward of our Tax Dollars.

Congratulations to former classmate at David Lipscomb College in Nashville Beth Harwell was recently elected to Speaker of the House in the TN. State Legislature. What people might not know about Beth, she was our Homecoming Queen back in the 1970's. The Lipscomb Community is proud of her.

Your comments and thoughts are welcomed and encouraged on this site. Please post them here on the blog site. Many of you send me direct email with your comments or put them on my Facebook page. Post them both places if you wish. Hope the new year is starting out well for you.

Until next time...I remain the Dedeacon!!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Numbing of America

Early in the campaign for Governor, I made a list of stances based on my beliefs and my view of what Government should be. One of those points came early in a debate in East TN. (Sorry only TV coverage was provided by the Knoxville Stations) The question came up, "What is your take on Gay Marriage". Most of you can guess what my take was. The question came up again in an Adult Education Forum in Brentwood when a young woman came up to me and asked about Gay Marriage and Adoption. This time I hesitated as I found myself looking at her and trying to determine if she was gay or not. I answered the question on gay marriage and gave a answer to the Adoption point as well. (My adoption answer surprised many folks)

Most recently we have seen in the news, Belmont addressing a related issue with one of their coaches.. a coach on the women's soccer team. The coach was dismissed when it was learned of her sexual orientation and she and her partner were having a child. This incident made the local news both printed and broadcast. Protest were held by small bands of folks. Not sure of how many were actual students of the University or had ties to the University. The Media was there to cover the protest. The bad light was shed on the University. Mike Curb, a major Belmont Benefactor even went to the media to give support to the coach. Over the past year(s) Belmont has worked to remove its ties to the Southern Baptist Convention..I don't think this had any impact with that move. What disturbs me is that a University should be able to hire and fire anyone that doesn't reflect its core values. Its a PRIVATE institution. A parent or student should know what that University stands for. If they don't like it...then they don't have to attend the school. We are now still consumed with the idea of being politically correct...trying to appease everyone even small groups that do not share core values. Its like in our own K-12 education process...lets lower standards to achieve the better results for more people across the board. I applaud the State as it looks to raise the standards. In the long run, wondering what Belmont will do. I recall back in the late 60's and early 70's Lipscomb University went through something similar. They did not rehire teachers who attended a certain Church in Nashville. I'm not sure of how they would handle the Belmont situation if it happened on the Lipscomb campus today.

(Side Bar)

In January, The Battle of the Boulevard will take place on the Lipscomb campus as Belmont and the Bisons will face each other in a game of Basketball. In previous meetings over the years, there has been quite the show between the two student bodies...usually poking fun at each other. I am anxious to see what the Lipscomb student body will take on the recent episode on the Belmont Campus or if Lipscomb officials try to damper the subject on Game Night. In recent years, The Lipscomb students has targeted big Belmont Supporter, Vince Gill...with great novelty! (Should note that Vince's daughter with Amy Grant is the last of the Burton family to attend Lipscomb free of charge. Wondering if Vince will send her to Lipscomb when that time comes). I hope many of you will make plans to attend this game. Its one of the greatest events of our community and the Southeast. There is no other game like this. I would suggest that you go on and contact the Lipscomb Box office if you don't already have a ticket to this game. It will be a sell out!

Back to Topic
I think that I have a large range of a sense of humor. I can find humor in lots of things. I enjoy watching funny movies and TV shows of all types and really not thinking about what I am laughing about..until recently. I will reference The Columbia Broadcasting System' Monday night line up. Two hours of sitcoms which include: How I met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, and Mike and Molly. Guess what the underlying theme of each show or a major topic on each show: Sex! and why...because it draws viewers. There are things discussed and promoted on these shows which should leave people feeling a bit uncomfortable most notably on Two and a Half Men.
Not to sound like a prude...I don't know see what good comes out of shows like these and others on the other networks especially in Prime Time. Hope parents of young kids have taken notes of these shows. Is this another sign of lowering our Standards and a continuation of the Numbing of America? Where are our core values?
This reminds me of how things have changed over the years. I dated a girl back in the mid-70's who would blush and roll her eyes when certain Feminine Product commercials would come on TV. She would say, why in the world do they have to show those commercials on this show? I wonder if she still blushes today? I wouldn't think so. I wonder why the Networks and programmers feel that they have to have a gay couple or fill the script up with sexual it just a case of Shock and Awe or is it something else..or is it the old advertising saying...Sex Sells?

Julian Assange-Hero? Advocate of Free Speech and Expression?

Wikipedia founder and Webmaster Julian Assange is in jail for Sexual Assault Charges in Sweden. He is best known for his website which makes public many sensitive and secret documents. He is being hailed as an Advocate of Free Speech by many people across the world. His publishing of these documents on the internet have put many people's lives across the world in jeopardy. Many celebrities have stepped up and offered to pay his bail. What if this Australian Journalist was in a Muslim Country and released sensitive documents or made comments disrespectful to the Islam Faith? Do you think they would hold this man in high esteem? Don't think so? He would be lucky to see the next light of day or would be wearing a bandage where his right hand used to be. I have so many questions to this man and to the people who support his efforts. Why? What good does this do? What if someone loses their life over your leak? The world is at a cross roads in certain areas. There are sensitive situations that are out there..some negative impacts could lead to a major blow up between Countries. Our actions good and bad have consequences. He needs to realize his actions need to be dealt with...yet there are those who hail his efforts.

The Numbing Continues

I recently heard a preacher state..some years back he got together with some other men and read the Bible to see what the Bible actually had to say. At first, I thought that might be a good thing. Like attending Sunday School, Going to Bible Classes, Attending lectures to hear different thoughts on certain topics or reading Bible Commentaries...maybe like a new day Restoration Movement. Personally, I think the Bible has a lot to say. "Where the scriptures speak, we speak, where the scriptures are silent, we're silent" --a motto of the Restoration Movement. I would be very interested in knowing what these men think the Bible is saying when the scriptures are silent. We can see how recent interpretations of our Constitution have led us into unchartered waters where like the Bible, it is silent. Men and Women of the Supreme Court have given their opinion and have allowed our way of life to evolve in a certain way. Example: There is no where in the Constitution that separates Church and State. This topic has evolved based on one man's opinion. Public school athletic teams cannot have a pre-game or post game prayer legally. Can't have the 10 commandments in public places...and certain groups want to remove One Nation under God or In God We Trust. We have organizations that their mission is to promote the removal of Religion in our Country and believe that it is the right thing to do...regardless of the consequences.

We have people in Congress who were recently re-elected by the so-call will of the People. These Congressmen and Women have led our Country down the wrong path. We have seen corruption, greed, mis-management, and mis-appropriation ...all which has help cause the economic mess that we are in. Yet, a number of these people are still in leadership positions. Many of these do not share our core values...but yet they are sill re-elected. Its my take that they are re-elected by The Numb!

Some Random and Mindless Thoughts
The Titans recently asked me to send them $473.00 for playoff tickets. I'm assuming that they sent these notices to all of their PSL holders. Wonder if anyone actually sent them any money?

I have been playing phone tag with Governor Elect Haslam. The ball is now in his court.

Guess Who's Coming to Family Christmas this year? This year we have a whole slew of Fiances, boyfriends and girlfriends, and a few dogs (Putter..the Shih Ztu, Cody...the Newfoundland, and Doc..the Golden Doodle) and a couple of babies.

I update the Dedeacon's blog as I have something to share or something that is on my mind. A number of you want me to be more consistent with weekly updates. I'll try but I can't promise. But until next time...I still remain The Dedeacon!

Have a great Holiday Season!! and a Safe one.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Commercials...New Meanings?

Have you seen the most recent Tennessee Lottery Commercials? The first one has the two country "sangers" male and female twanging out a song. I guess this is a parody on what is perceived to be the typical country music performers.The other commercial is a female who recites a bit of verbiage with a lone guitarist in the background and breaks into a clogging dance. Both commercials end with an announcer who promotes the Tennessee Lottery.

These two spots have had the reverse effect most notably on me..not that I am going to go out and buy a lottery ticket anyway. It probably keeps me from buying a ticket for sure.

I would really like to slap all parties who participate in these spots...especially knowing that they are getting paid for doing that. Some people have no shame. Hey did you know the Lottery director makes nearly $900,000 a year? Also, did you know that Governor Bredesen took around $90 Million dollars out of the lottery fund to pay for his Pre-K program? One of my campaign points...was to quit funding this Pre-K program and put the money back into College Education where it belongs. Guess how many HS graduates we could help send to College with $90 Million Dollars. Our quickest and best return on our Education dollars would be on the College Students and not those Pre-kindergartners. The State's own reports indicate that it is a program that does not get the results that it hoped to have. Hope newly elected Governor Haslam will truely become a good steward of the Tennessee Dollar and see the error.

And then there was Carnival Kia's New Spot
I know most of you folks who live in the Middle Tennessee area have seen the Carnival Kia commercials. Many of the spots have included owner/operator Chris Bostick and his wife Dessie and their kids. Their two sons have appeared in many of these promotions. Some of which would consider hokey but yet entertaining. It gets you to remember the name of the dealership.
You might also recall that Chris ends each spot with " Please don't leave until you see me." The most recent commercial spot just features him and his wife. It is very apparent that Dessie will draw lots of attention to her participation in the ad. If I was in the market for a new car and considered a Kia...I would rather see her instead. He might have to change his slogan to.."Don't you leave until you see _ _ _ _ _!" Bravo to Chris and his Ad team! Wonder what market segment they are looking to attract?

With the economy the way it is...I'm wondering how all the dealerships are doing? Out my way, I don't know anyone who has recently bought a new vehicle. My family is driving vehicles that were purchased in 2004-2005 and we hope they are going to last a bit longer.

Bucket List Update

I am working on the next item on my Bucket List. I am preparing the way. Letter has been written and currently waiting on a response and hopeful meeting. Having to take a bold and proactive approach to this one. Will let you know if that opportunity comes around. You never know until you try.

Campaign Memory and Fopahs

I am hoping thru the Dedeacon's Tale that I will be able to share some of the more interesting things that took place on my state-wide campaign trail. The first is a fopah I made on KWAM radio in Memphis this past summer on John Hester's The Average American Show. John had asked me a question about my stance on K-12 Education. I went on to describe a point that I would like to have a contract between the schools, the students and their parents...indicating what was expected from all parties. Also noting the school's decorum on dress and punishment. I indicated that if the student did not follow the rules and had signed the contract with the a school that he or she would be subject to "capital" punishment. John quickly went to a commercial break. The studio went deafly quiet. No word from the board operator and my wife. Everyone had a puzzled look. After a minute passed..John meekly asked, "Don't you think Capital Punishment would be somewhat cruel?" I responded with a NO! I don't think so. Patricia reaches over to whisper in my ear, I think you should have used the word "corporal" instead of capital punishment. I was a bit embarrassed by the comment and we had to do a clarification when we came back on. I will say that I got more votes in Shelby County than I did in Williamson County. Guess some folks in Shelby County agreed with me.

Sharing Campaign Thoughts and Lessons Learned

I have developed a little talk on my experiences while on the campaign trail and have incorporated them into a presentation or speech per se. If you know of a school group (class), church group or a civic group that might be interested in me speaking to them please contact me. You can reach me initially thru my email at I spoke to 5 different high school classes while on the campaign trail. I come cheap.

I welcome your thoughts and comments to this blog. Until next time...I am The Dedeacon.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Are Gearing It Back Up

Have You Noticed?

Are you not getting what you paid for or find things and products just not the same. Two of my staples of nourishment on the campaign trail were M&M Peanuts and Cracker Jacks. With consistency..I found that with the new packaging for Cracker Jacks..most of the caramel has cracked off the kernel of popcorn and ends up with a big pile of it along with the peanuts at the bottom of the bag...while you have nothing but puff corn to eat. I'm sure it has something to do with the bag the product is put in and the shipping and handling. Its not what it used to be and I'm tired of collecting nothing but removal tattoos for prize inside. Bring back the unique little toys!! Toddlers are not eating Cracker Jacks anymore.

As for M&M Peanuts... very few have full peanuts inside the candy anymore. I found many of the candies lacked a peanut at all. Many of the ones that had something in it was usually just a broken piece of peanut. Don't ever buy a bag from a convenience store...most are now run by folks who don't care if a product has an expiration date on it. A stale M&M peanut is like eating an old dried up Krystal hamburger. (Not what we seek from the Krytal..We want the mushy steamed bun)

This was the only picture that the mainstream Nashville media posted of me and mentioned our campaign during the nearly past two years. The only other exception would be a couple of stories that Mindy Tate and the Williamson Herald ran. This picture was used in a well-written story by Bonnie Burch and appeared in the Brentwood Journal portion of the Tennessean.

You would have thought that the local guy would have generated more interest from the Nashville papers and the Television and Radio Stations. On numerous attempts we tried to get them to publish our announcement of the run, we sent several Press Releases on Campaign positions and at last resort we tried to send Letters to the Editors...But nothing!! When we tried to reach out personally with emails to columnists, they shot back comments..."we determine what we cover and who we cover!" The three major stations in Nashville, WSMV, WTVF, and WKRN all failed to cover any aspect of our campaign and what we stood for. Credit Fox 17 for giving me 12 seconds of air time back this summer. They were the only one in Nashville. I know for a fact that each station got email can calls from folks asking them to include us in the conversation, which they totally ignored. They eventually quit responding to email from us, most notably the Channel 5 News Director. I even bought ads on Channel 5 and Channel 2. No one would give us a reason why? For our campaign to have some success and to be able to springboard into other areas of the State, I needed exposure from the media in Nashville and that didn't happen. What the papers and the TV and Radio Stations were doing was no public service to the audience. They didn't care to let you know that there were other options in attracting new jobs to Tennessee or that we proposed additional ideas in Education reform. They determined that you the voter only needed 2 options. However, they were interested in selling ads to us. The two major talk radio stations in Nashville were as arrogant as well in determining what you should know as a voter. However, one morning host did invite me to call in and I did appreciate that opportunity as well..and he pitched our website as well.

You can throw into that mix, the League of Women Voters who are supposed to be a non-partisan group looking to inform the voters by hosting events including the debates. You should have heard the excuses they gave me and some of the other Independent Candidates of why they were not going to include me in the debates. The Next addition of this blog will share that information with you.

Credit the Knoxville Media, all three areas: TV, Radio, and print. They gave me and some of the other candidates more exposure than the rest of the State combined. It was surprising that it came from Governor-elect Haslam's hometown. It looks like I have picked at the Nashville market in particular...I have...its my hometown. The Memphis Paper did post a voter's guide which included me, The FreePress in Chattanooga did announce my candidacy. The Johnson City paper also included me in on a story, along with the McMinnville Standard. Other small papers had bits and pieces along the way.

There were two radio hosts that were bold enough to include me on their shows and issued their support to our campaign. Carl Boyd, Jr of WTST Radio in Nashville (major internet programming) and John Hester of the Average American show on KWAM in Memphis. Blake Farmer did a NPR/WPLN report which included us. The Hallerin Hilton Hill show on WOKI in Knoxville did a 15 minute interview with me. The News Talk station in Chattanooga also did an interview as well. I also appeared on John Gaessler's Internet Radio show in Murfreesboro and another internet show originating from Memphis.

I truly believe that the Tennessee Voters deserved a little better than what was served up to them by the media. I even had one Memphis TV station that told me to take money somewhere else when we tried to buy air time....and Shame on the League of Women Voters. Hopefully they will wake up next time.

Hope you will check back for future updates as we will deal with all kinds of stuff..not just political stuff...share this blog with your friends. We will post update notices on my Facebook page.

Until next time...I am the Dedeacon. (Its good to be back!)

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The following Blog was written by Bayron Binkley, Independent Candidate for Governor of the State of Tennessee. You can follow the campaign on Facebook or visit the official campaign website at WWW.

TN. First Lady Andrea Conte Perpetuates The Cycle of Traditional Politics

Last night (August 31st) in Nashville, Tennessee's First Lady Andrea Conte hosted a town hall meeting at the Governor's mansion. Questions were posted by local area High School seniors to the two candidates of the parties, Beverage Distributor Mike McWherter of Jackson and Mayor Bill Haslam. The event was not open to the public but was streamed over the internet according to reports.

It is evident that Ms. Conte has fallen in line with the League of Women Voters, many of the State's major newspapers and most of all the broadcast media and a number of Colleges and Universities by not including any of the active Independent candidates for Governor.

Despite recent Voter Polls in the Country and our organizations, and certain advocacy groups continue to dodge the Independents by not including them in forums, debates or covering their campaigns citing moving targets of criteria which includes, providing proof of having paid staff members, having multi campaign offices statewide, not raising enough money, not having enough positions on topics...the list changes from week to week. They need to know times are changing with the internet and and technology and what they are propping up is old school. While many Statewide organizations have ignored us, Google my name and see what comes up on a National basis. It might surprise you.

It is evident that there are folks who pull the switches who do not want you the Tennessee Voter to know that there are other views and thoughts on State Government. The two parties are content with each other, but yet they are going to use their power to keep everyone else out of the picture. It is virtually impossible for a third party to run in Tennessee. There are laws on the books that make that option null and void. So everyone else must run as Independents. I know there are some independent candidates who do not take this challenge seriously and are not truly active candidates Statewide...thus we are all lumped in together.

Not all groups are closed societies only open to the candidates of the parties. I have been invited by some radio stations, have been interviewed or had a release published by a newspaper, and even have appeared on two different television stations in the State. I have participated in some forums across the State and recently accepted an invitation from Vanderbilt and will appear in a debate in Chattanooga in October. But most of the outlets and organizations do not return calls, return emails, fail to publish press releases, letters to the editors from me and supporters..which is quite disturbing.

While this campaign has been has been rewarding. 1000's of my introductions to people bring smiles...(maybe because they feel sorry for me-Ha) especially when they hear that I am an independent candidate for Governor. They nearly all have the same comment...we're tired of the same ol same old. Its my quest to reach out to more people like this and to get the word out....that you do have another choice, an independent independent voice. If you have grown tired of traditional politics and want another voice can do something about it...Call in to the radio shows, write the newspapers, send emails to the television stations, send notes to organizations like the League of Women Voters and let them want want to hear from the Independent Candidates (most notably Bayron Binkley).

I hope you will continue to help us spread the word on our Campaign.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Binkley For Governor Press Release on Education

The following Press Release was recently sent to media outlets across the State of Tennessee...both printed and Broadcast during the week of June 17th, 2010. As an Independent Candidate of Governor, these media outlets have shown little interest in publishing any release from our Campaign prior to the Results of the Republican Primary on August 5th, 2010. In order to help provide this information to the general public via the internet, we are including it here for world wide distribution on the internet.

Binkley For Governor Press Release

For Immediate Release
June 17th, 2010

Independent Candidate for Governor, Bayron Binkley, spoke recently at an annual education forum in Brentwood hosted by the Professional Educators of Tennessee. Binkley, who is an avid supporter of Schools of Choice (the voucher system), addressed several education issues including Tennessee’s newly adopted Race to the Top program. “Our teachers can teach until their gums bleed, but unless we get a full measure of support from parents, we may not see the results we strive for . . . Parents need to step up with support, encouragement, and guidance [to help] their kids prepare for class.”

To address the issue, Binkley is proposing an education contract as a prerequisite for student enrollment. Before a student can enroll in school, parents would have to sign a contract outlining the requirements and expectations for both parents and students. Specifically, the contract would outline the responsibility of parents to help their child with homework, attendance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and adhering to school rules and policies. The contract would also specify the disciplinary measures for non compliance. Further, by not signing the contract, parents would effectively waive their right of free public education or, in today’s manner of thought; they will have “opted out.” Binkley adds that, “The state is bound by our constitution to provide for a free public school education, but the wording [is such] that the General Assembly can set the eligibility standards for this education. If parents do not recognize the value of free education and take ownership and responsibility in that education . . . then basically they are waiving their right [to that] opportunity. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.”

Other Gubernatorial Candidates who participated in the forum included Republicans, Zach Wamp and Ron Ramsey, Democrat Mike McWherter, and Independents Brandon Dodds and Samuel Duck.

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